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Zquiet Reviews: Really Works

Snoring is a rather common condition among adults, and no matter how many methods some people try, nothing seems to be working. Not effectively at least. This problem is the very foundation of ZQuiet. Analyzing different methods of escaping this unpleasant habit, Dan and Katrina Webster, a couple which shared the problem of snoring, have come up with Zquiet, a revolutionary mouthpiece that has quickly conquered the market. Their company, Sleeping Well LLC, has become so successful, that it offers a 30 day free-trial offer. This, along with the slogan “pop it in and the noise is gone”, transformed ZQuiet into a great commercial success.

Due to its popularity, ZQuiet is nowadays used by thousands of users. There is even an iOS application for it, called SnoreLab, which recorded more than 4 million nights of sleep. Thanks to this application, the company has gathered a great amount of data. This information showed that more than 70% of users presented with a significant reduction in their snoring intensity, and a great number of them have escaped snoring altogether. The app recorded a great success and that is why the users have come to the conclusion the ZQuiet works better than other general mouthpieces on the market.

About ZQuiet

There are a lot of products out there that claim to reduce or even cure snoring, but not many of them are up for the task. The secret lies in the mechanism that ZQuiet holds. Technically speaking, ZQuiet is a hinged anti-snoring product, made of medical-grade plastic. It is even FDA approved, precisely for this properties. Its smart design is meant to advance the lower jaw by just a few millimeters in order to prevent the base of the tongue from blocking the airway.

Once you take it out of the box, you are able to notice its simplicity, and once you try it on you will see that it is very comfortable. When you think about a mouthpiece, all that comes into mind is that nasty feeling of sleeping, or better said trying to sleep, with something in your mouth. But ZQuiet eliminates this care.

Another property that makes ZQuiet the best anti-snoring mouthpiece out there, is its elasticity. You may wonder if the device might fall during your sleep, but it won’t, precisely because of this feature. Its resiliency stops it from falling out of place. You can open your mouth, breath naturally, or even drink a glass of water, it will not fall out.

In comparison with other anti-snoring devices, ZQuiet is way much easier to use. Take the “boil-and-bite” mouthpieces for example. You have to somehow customize them for your jaw, but ZQuiet can be used right after you take it out of the box. There is no moulding process requiered. That is why ZQuiet come in two sizes. There is size A, which is recommended for milder snorers, and size B, which is best suited for more severe snorers. The difference between these two sizes lies in the level of jaw advancement.

How zQuiet Works

To put it in simple terms, ZQuiet is a mandibular-advancement splint. Basically, the device advances your lower jaw to reduce airway blockage, thus you can enjoy clean and quiet breathing. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Also, using ZQuiet, some users who suffer from a mild obstructive sleep apnea, have noticed an improvement in their condition, even if ZQuiet has not been designed for this purpose.

ZQuiet efficiency

Many of the prospect customers may wonder if the device really works, if it is worth the investment. It is a natural response to hearing about the product. You do not want to pay for a product that doesn’t work. Only the gathered data from SnoreLab can vouch for ZQuiet effectiveness. The people who used the product can tell you exactly if the device really works or not.

Examined data from a group of SnoreLab user shows that ZQuiet has reduced snoring for about 70% of users, and for more than a half of these people snoring was completely eliminated. Analyzing this data, the conclusion is that the average reduction in snoring intensity is about 70%. I repeat, this information comes directly from people who tried the device, so you know it is reliable. Also, the data shows that the device’s efficiency was greatest amongst moderate snorers.

Pricing Policy

Zquite’s outstanding success has lead the company which produces it to make a great offer. You can try ZQuiet for 30 days for just 9,95 USD (amount for shipping and handling). If you are not satisfied with the product you are able to return it. But if the device is suited for you and you get positive results, you can keep it for just 59 USD.

Also, Sleeping Well LLC offers the best value package on the market, since they bundle together 2 different size mouthpieces. You get a device, and if your partner also snores, you can give it to him or her. You can get rid of snoring together. You get two birds with one shot.

All in all, ZQuiet is the key to a better quality of life. Get rid of snoring, improve your sleep, make your partner happier!

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